Kate GwinnetShari NilsenEileen Leahy
Valerie’s ‘Write a Vision’ workshop was a truly inspiring experience. I arrived unsure of what to expect of the workshop but knowing I wanted to find some inspiration for my future career plans. Valerie guided us through the visualisation and writing process and I left feeling that my expectations had not only been met but also excelled! A fantastic workshop for anyone who wants to find some focus
Kate Gwinnet
I attended Valerie’s “Write-a-Vision” workshop and found the experience so inspirational and evocative that I actually burst into tears in the middle of writing my vision for the future, feeling as though Valerie had helped me delve into the very core of what I needed and wanted. And the strange thing is that barely two months later, my vision became a reality. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Thank you, Valerie!
Shari Nilsen
Thanks for the great workshop today. You opened up a whole new space in my head that I never knew was there. I feel more confident about writing a blog now . Thank you so much Valerie you are magic.
Eileen Leahy

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